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Colombia Dental Testimonials and Reviews

Before you decide to pick any dental services for your need, it’s always best to find out what past customers think. Find out what Colombia Dental Patients have to say about the dental services at the Colombia Dentists at Colombia Dental Implants Clinic.

Customer Service is at the heart of the Colombia Dental Implants Clinic, situated in Calí Colombia. We pride ourselves on the quality of dental care coupled with client excellence. Patient testimonials are testament to our unremitting efforts to become better at what we do with each passing day.

What constitutes Excellent Customer Service?

The Colombia Dental Implants Clinic adheres to all the ingredients that comprise excellent customer care. Since the importance of customer care in the health service industry is paramount, the Colombia Dental Implants Clinic takes measures to ensure it ticks all the right boxes.

What Our Valuable Customers have to Say?

Following these findings from USA and other countries worldwide, let’s see how Colombia Dentists at Colombia Dental Implants Clinic fares on each of the aspects that define good customer service.

Knowledgeable Representative

39% of respondents in USA deemed a well-informed attendant the epitome of excellent customer service. Since most Colombia dental patients hail from USA and Canada, the Colombia Dental Implants Clinic is particular to satisfy this request. The whole team of Colombia Dentists at Colombia Dental Implants Clinic has consistently wowed clients. Dr. Tascón with his professional care and concentration strive to provide the best experience to valuable patients.

“The Colombia Dental Implants Clinic was a great choice for me and my husband to get some dental work done. Dr. Tascón was awesome, he explains each process to us. I am so thanful I choose this establishment.”

Timeliness of Solution

Customers prioritize the promptness of solutions when they go to avail a health service. Some clinics take days and multiple interactions to come up with a concrete plan of action. This tires the patient and requires extra energy and repeated rounds to the clinic.   

That is not the case with the Colombia Dental Implants Clinic, explaining why Colombia dental patients from USA love the quality care they receive here. Instead of getting treated like a number, the Colombia Dental Implants Clinic treats its patients with individual care. After a consultation, the respective Colombia dentist will recommend a prompt and appropriate solution best suited to your problem.

“Dear Dr. Tascón, I am so happy with all the services performed at the Colombia Dental Implants Clinic. They provided exceptional services to my husband and me from the time we landed in Colombia from Houston.”

Patient Record

It is exhausting for the patient to repeat their consternation to each different agent. A professional dental clinic should have the patient’s records so another dentist is fully aware of the client’s condition without them having to repeat it.

The Colombia Dental Implants Clinic considers this, and strives to make the process as smooth as possible for customers. Even if more than one dentist is working on a client’s case, all of them are aware of the problem, to devise the most suitable plan of action.

“All of the dentists in the Colombia Dental Implants Clinic are yearly certified by the American Dental Association. For my work there where wither 2 or 3 specialists involved beyond my dentist.”

Find Tailored Solutions

In the health service industry, it is taxing for clients to constantly hunt for information. This displays a lack of interest and attentiveness to the client’s individual needs. This can put off patients, especially if they are to trust the clinic with their health.   

The Colombia Dental Implants Clinic values every patient walking to its door. We understand that every client requires a separate treatment. As a result, we will shape our service to suit their needs. At Colombia Dental Implants Clinic, you are bound to feel valued. 

“I came to the Colombia Dental Implants Clinic for a bridge and crowns work. I researched some dental clinics in Colombia. I chose the Colombia Dental Implants Clinic for the personalized care and their attention to detail. Thanks Dr. Tascón and Team.”


The Colombia Dental Implants Clinic lives up to the high standards of dental care in Colombia. We welcome dental tourists with open arms to give them the dental services they could not afford in their respective countries.

With professional staff, personalized service and state of the art equipment, we have a high success rate.

“I had the best experience at the Colombia Dental Implants Clinic, Dr. Tascón and the Team are Amazing! I was comfortable, he did a great and professional job with my implants… The detail with my teeth is amazing!!! My teeth look gorgeous. I recommend the Colombia Dental Implants Clinic to all the people I meet here and I will continue to do it when I get back to New York. Thank you so much!”

If you don’t take our word, trust what our customers have to say. Make your booking now.